Terms and Condition of www.pmzest.com

You agree to these terms and conditions before using any of our products that is either free or paid:
1. You confirm that you are a PMP® exam aspirant and NOT a PMP® certified professional.
2. You are not using or trying our product for any business purpose.
3. You agree to use English language for all communication with us and only on your registered email address with us.
4. You agree to communicate to us by email in English language and you have patience to wait for response until 24 hours. Our official email address is: info@pmzest.com
5. Before buying the mock test product, you shall try the free test and upon satisfaction you should make payment for the paid test.
6. You will not post any of our questions to any public forum or social networking websites for any public discussion.
7. The test or eBook is licensed material, it's for single user, non transferable.
8. Its preferred that you give us alternative email address to ship us your product. This assures more reliable shipping on email.
9. In case of any unexpected circumstances like earthquake, heavy rainfall, fire, virus attacks, IT infrastructure failure, big power failure, political instability etc, you will have to understand and support us until the website recovers. We will extend the paid test token for the time our website was unavailable. There will be no other adjustment done.
10. Our product cost/packages and "Terms & Conditions" can change without any prior notification.
11. You allow the "Support, PMZest" to terminate/block your account if found violating any terms and condition.

Mock Test:
1. You are aware that we are a low cost running product and we cannot compete with high paid products in respect to high end features.
2. We do not give any guarantee for the fitness of product, and hence you will either accept what has been written by our author or you simply reject it without any public debate.
3. You will not open multiple test sessions and you will also not share the test token or its access details to anyone else.
4. You will not use any mock test after you pass the PMP® exam.
5. Our mock tests runs on web browsers and we DO NOT provide any soft copy for the same. Internet Explorer 8/9, Firefox and Google Chrome are the only supported browsers from windows machine.
6. Paid test token validity starts from the date you make purchase and not from the day you use it.
7. You will make the purchase decision only after trying the free mock test we have.
8. Psychometric analysis report will only be generated if over 80% of questions in mock test are attempted.
9. Refund rules: The product exists in electronic format and sent on email, this means we cannot refund your payment once the product is generated and sent to your email.

Test Result History:
1. Test history will be subjected to availability of data base space. We will try our best to keep test history for top 15 tests result for each paid members during token validity period.
2. Test history for free user shall be removed at any point of time.
3. Incomplete tests records for the paid user will be removed after 2 days.
4. Incomplete test record for the free user shall be removed at any point of time.

PMZest - Beyond PMP® Exam Book:
1. This is licensed, printable and for single user usage only.
2. We do not give any guarantee for the fitness of product, and hence you will either accept what has been written by author or you simply reject it without any public debate.
3. You would shred the hard copied and permanently delete all the soft copy once you do not need it.

Immediate Product Purchase Activation:

You are aware that www.pmzest.com makes use of global trusted 3rd party payment gateway i.e. PayPal (people paying in USD) and CCAvenue (people paying in INR). We just send these 3rd party the instructions about the requested purchase cost. It's the duty and responsibility of the 3rd party to interact with your bank and get the necessary amount deducted and give us response status (success or failure). www.pmzest.com does not know the internal of the payment gateway (3rd party) and do not have authority to interfere in their business. We are NOT responsible in case your transaction is not successful because of any reasons, in such case it's the duty of the user (you) who would enquire about your transaction from the payment gateway (3rd party) and us ( info@pmzest.com). We will try our best to settle such failed transaction in 24 hours assuming we get your transaction details status from the 3rd party payment gateway (PayPal or CCAvenue). You will have to corporate with us and your product delivery would be settled only after getting resolution response from the 3rd party payment gateway (PayPal or CCAvenue).

Product pricing:
1. Product prices may be changed at any time without advance notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without prior notice.
2. Mentoring and sessions have variable prices and it depends upon peak time, season and demand. We reserve the right to change its price anytime and may vary with people who might have purchased the same product with us.

Refund rules:

Our products (eBook and Test Token) exists in electronic state ONLY. Refund rules will apply only when we are not able to generate and send you the product in 48 hours.

Package: PMZest - Test Access
1. No refund for the mock tests if you have received and used it (even fraction of it).
2. If you have not received the product from our side and you have paid the cost, we will refund the full product cost.
3. If you have received the product and you are not happy with the mock test and you notify us within 12 hours from the time product was sent to you, we will refund you USD 15 or INR 750.

Package: PMZest - Beyond PMP® Exam Book (eBook)
1. This is licensed eBook (PDF) in electronic format. If this is already generated and sent on your email, there will be no refund.

Please note:
* Refund process might take upto 5 working days from our end.
* Refund for people who have used PayPal will be done using PayPal only. PayPal may deduct service charges or taxes as per its refund policy and you will have to accept this.
* People who have paid us using CCAvenue (in INR) or through bank transfer in INR, we will refund you only through bank transfer. Please send an email to us with your Indian Bank account details (A/C holder name, type, account number, Bank, Branch and IFSC code). In case of the refund accounting to the full product cost, we will charge INR 100 as service charge and this amount will be deducted from the refund amount.