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  1. We do not collect any information that can identify a person who is registered in our website or is using the website from legal perspective.

  2. We do not collect any Sensitive information like UID number, SSN number etc.

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  4. There is no place in our website that discloses registered members in any form including their email address.

  5. A user can register and use our website for PMP® education purpose, just by giving us his/her name, email address and the country he/she lives in. We do not ask for any other information.

  6. We do not ask for contact numbers like mobile number, fix line, fax number etc as we carry all communication through email.

  7. We do not keep history of IP address or anything of similar kind that can identify a user using our website.

  8. This website has only education materials for PMP® exam and does not have anything objectionable that could raise concerns on adult contents, racism etc.