Hire Anmol Sinha as your personal mentor
Find the benefits of this program, check if this fits your requirement and then enroll if interested.

We are not going to teach you using fix slides. If you want such sessions, you will get thousands of institutes offering such programs under contact hours. In this program, Anmol Sinha will help you planning your preparation journey, suggests you books, how to read them, where to focus on. You are going to meet him at regular frequency (generally once in a week) and here he will check your progress making sure you are executing the plan as agreed on. There will be few sessions on few hot topics but the focus will be on expected PMP exam questions from them and not theoretical / bookish concepts. You can expect 8-10 such interactions and then you are ready to take the exam.

Generally the sessions will be planned on weekends/holidays, with your agreement on schedule and it will be of smaller durations i.e. less than 1:30 hours. Small sessions are very highly effective and your energy level remains high. Have you not seen you start feeling sleepy / yawning with long trainings?

We will send you a LIVE meeting URL and you can click them from your laptop/desktop and your setup is all done. No smartphones please. All you need is internet connection of 1 mbps speed or above, microphone, speakers/headphone, cam (optional) attached with your system. Sit at home, relax and interact with us.

This is strictly one to one session, because we do not teach a classroom or a group. Generally during the first session we will like to know your history of PMP exam journey, your working domain, your experience etc and then help you in customized planning. We will meet once in a week and then your status check will be done with suggestions and some hot topics will be covered. We will also take few sessions on solving complex PMP exam type questions and how you can use your common sense to solve them. The last session will be on planning your exam day i.e. what you should do before a day, what all items to keep in your bag and how to start from your home to the exam center.

Interested to hire Anmol Sinha as your mentor?
Session duration: Roughly you can expect around 8-10 sessions of 1:30 hours each. Please enroll for this program when you have at least a month time. We generally meet once/twice a week..

Program Fee: The fee for this program is generally between USD 700 to 800 depending upon your case and the number of sessions that are required. We will send you payment link of PayPal. You can pay us in 2 installments i.e. 50% of fee on day 1 and remaining 50% fee on completion of 4th session.

Enrolment Process: This is not something we can sell offline. We have Indian ascent of speaking english that you should be fine with. You will have to send a text message on our WhatsApp number or email (see contact above) and send a text for your interest. We will ask you few questions like - Where you are located (to know the timezone), when are you planning to take the exam etc. We will then check our availability, discuss with you and finalize on acceptance. You can even request for a small 15 minutes meeting to know about this program.