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In this page you will find only offline sellable products i.e. mock tests, its renewal and eBook. To purchase products like mentoring program and recap sessions, please visit our home page and click on the respective buttons.

To buy mock tests, renew test access token or buy eBook
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Product details

Price list effective 31st August 2021

Product details Price in USD Price in INR WIRE transfer (INR)
Mock test access (60 days) + free eBook 105 5,500 7,200
Mock test access (30 days) + free eBook 60 3,200 3,900
Mock test access renewal (30 days) 50 2,500 3,500
Beyond PMP exam book (eBook) 15 800 1,000

General terms and conditions:
1. We have total 1200 questions in our bank. This means that by buying / renewing mock tests token you will get from us access to these 1200 questions. Now, you can design and take either 12 tests of 100-Q sets or 6 tests of 200-Q set.
2. We do not offer any discounts, so please do not enquire about it.
3. These products exists in electronic state i.e. when we send that to your email there is no way we can take it back. This means we cannot offer refund once you receive our products by email.
4. We assume that you would buy mock tests after trying a free test from us that that we offer, this means you are fine with the product quality, tone, language, grammar etc.

To buy mock tests, renew test access token or buy eBook

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